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Actor Adeniyi Johnson apologises to wife

by Debo Wale

Nollywood actor Adeniyi Johnson has addressed a viral video in which he and a fan are seen.

In the video that went viral online on Monday, Johnson was riding in a car with a woman who sat near to him so she could take pictures of them.

The lady in question, according to the actor, was a “overzealous” fan who requested a photo while he was running to a set. He instructed her to go into his car where she recorded the video in order to save time.

On Monday, he posted on his Instagram account, “I will not pretend like nothing occurred today, and this is not to debunk anything as no one debunks what never happened or what they didn’t do!!!”

The lady in issue is an overly enthusiastic fan who kindly requested a photo since she was delighted to meet me. When she first saw me, I was driving away, so I couldn’t come down since I had to get to another shoot right away.

Additionally, the actor expressed his concern that the woman had deceitfully released the video with false captions on her personal social media pages, leading many others to believe they were dating.

“I suppose she used the offensive caption when she updated her WhatsApp status to get attention. Or perhaps someone on her contact chose the video, wrote about it, and made it popular out of animosity for her. I’ll answer this pledge directly!

I dare you, lady in question, if I know you outside of the video to come out and talk to me.

Adeniyi also expressed regret to Oluwaseyi Edun, his wife and a fellow employee, for the harm his “free spirit and playfulness” had caused to their union.

He apologized to his beloved wife, @i am shai, first and foremost for creating the kind of buzz that he would do anything in his power to avoid. To be completely honest, you do not deserve it, and this is the least you deserve.

“Hello, Ashabi. I really apologize for what my frivolity and playfulness have caused us to lose today. You are my one and only Olori, and yes, I am a king. I’m saying this from my deepest self.

“I sincerely apologize to my followers for the misunderstanding and ask that you all maintain your composure while I investigate this. Thank you to everyone who got in touch with me. I also appreciate those whose calls I was unable to answer, Emabinu. I appreciate you all and promise to keep trying to be a better person. Peace.”

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