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Between Falilat ‘Ero Arike’ and Aragbiji, who blinks first?



By Oluwaseyi Adeniyi

Traditional rulers are those who possess traditional authorities in their respective communities. They are referred to as traditional heads of their communities.

They are the custodian of the custom and traditions of the people. In ordinary parlance, a traditional ruler is the custodian of the traditions, history and customs of an ethnic group of individuals, and who is appointed by such individuals to rule, govern and administer justice in line with the laid down customs and traditions of the people.

A traditional ruler, by virtue of his ancestral position, occupies a powerful stool that no individual can wage war against and be victorious. Because, the throne or stool he sits on have many unseen spirits that guide and protect him.

Who dare to think of killing a monarch? The moment the person begins the planning, the consequences should follow almost immediately because of the unseen spirits that are behind the monarch.

When I saw the video of Oba Abdulrasheed Olabomi, the Aragbiji of Iragbiji, begging Governor Adegboyega Oyetola, Inspector General of Police, Director of DSS in Osun and other security agencies to come to his aid that Alhaja Falilat “Ero Arike” is planning to exterminate him, I was like how? Who dare to kill a king? Ko possible!

I asked myself questions that how did we get to this level that a whole king will be coming on social media to ask for a protection? What happens to our traditional way of protecting ourselves? How could a woman be so powerful that she will be arranging on how to kill her father? To take over as the next monarch or what?

Was their any business transaction that transpired between the two? What will be the benefit, if ma’am ‘Ero Arike’ should kill her father?

These are the questions coming to my head shortly after I watched the monarch on social media begging. I felt so bad because the aftermath of what the monarch did may not be too good for the throne and culture he represents.

Is Aragbiji telling Nigerians and the people of Osun that his town is not secured, despite the fact that our governor hails from that community?

Is Aragbiji telling Nigerians that he is not capable of superintending over the town as number one security officer of Iragbiji? Is Aragbiji telling us that a woman can be so powerful than the throne or stool he represents? I think our traditional rulers need to know more about power of communication.

I could remember before the Osun governorship election, in Ede, a particular son of that town, ‘Oko Ilu’ threatened to kill many people including the Timi of Ede land, Oba Munirudeen Adesola Lawal.

The monarch didn’t go to social media to beg, rather he kept telling his subjects that they shouldn’t entertain any fear. Personally, I interviewed Baba during the period of apprehension. All the monarch said was that “there is no cause for alarm.”

I know for a fact that the Timi Of Ede must have consulted his forebears not to put him in shame. At the end, ‘Oko Ilu’ was arrested.

Few days ago, I was in Kuta in Ayedire local government where the Olowu of Kuta, Oba Oyelude Makama was urshered into the Osun NUJ Hall of Fame.

The monarch made a statement which I think our traditional rulers must not take with levity. He said, “As a royal father, you are enthroned to protect Yoruba culture and heritage or have you seen where an Oba is installed in church or mosque?”

Now that ma’am ‘Ero Arike’ has announced to the public that she is going expose what is between her and Oba Aragbiji, I think the earlier the better that those who matter in the State to call Alhaja Falilat ‘Ero Arike’ not to toe that path. You don’t expose your father even he offends you. If you sell your family member so cheaply…

From my findings, some people in Iragbiji are sitting on the fence. They are unaligned, waiting for who blinks first between the strong-willed business woman and Aragbiji.

But, I will suggest that Mr Adegboyega Oyetola should as a matter of urgency prevail over this matter before it is too late. Call her to cease fire. Though, I’m aware that ma’am ‘Ero Arike’ didn’t support the re-election bid of Mr governor, but that does not mean she should be left alone to expose and ridicule the throne of Aragbiji

Lastly, I’m of the opinion that our traditional rulers should as a matter of necessity engage the service of trained media practitioners to manage them. What our traditional rulers represent are beyond them. They must not be seen to be making mistakes.

A stitch in time saves nine

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