Home News BREAKING: N-Power Abuja Desk speaks on how to reinstate beneficiaries put on hold or absconded (read details)

BREAKING: N-Power Abuja Desk speaks on how to reinstate beneficiaries put on hold or absconded (read details)

by Mukhtar Ajelogbon

The Abuja office of the N-power programme has revealed what can lead to absconded or put on hold of any beneficiary of the programme.

This was contained in two different of their verified social media platforms on Monday, where some victims of the exited beneficiaries took to their Instagram and Facebook pages to ask some questions on the reasons behind their absconded.

According to a volunteer named, Tarick Azeez who asked the reason for his forceful exited from the programme, the N-power stated on Facebook that the responsibility of reinstatement of any beneficiary is not solely rest on the state Focal Person but also subject to rectification of the Abuja desk.

“Please note that the sole responsibility to get a beneficiary reinstated does not solely rest on the State Focal Person, we receive an attestation letter from the FP which is subject to approval from N-Power.

“Note that when a volunteer is put on hold for more than 45 days, the said volunteer will not be reinstated,” N-power concluded

N-power Facebook response

Meanwhile, another beneficiary also asked question through Instagram page on how he was placed on hold for 4 months after which he took necessary steps through State desk of N-Power and latter exited from the programme.

The response from Npower official wasn’t different from the above example that says; “when a beneficiary is put on hold for more than 45days, the beneficiary would not be reinstated and would be exited from the programme.

N-power Instagram response

From the above analysis, the OSUN REPORTERS is urging every beneficiary who is affected by this ugly incident to work through his or her State Focal Person before it will result to final exited from the programme.

As at the press time, number of affected beneficiaries could not be ascertained as we are currently investigating the reason behind it, while many volunteers were currently victim of this forceful exited from the Npower programme due to the reason best known to the officials of the programme.

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