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Community leaders fault emergence of new Monarch, says election fake

by Debo Wale

,,,,,It was a surprised to many indigenes and residents Obeagu when Community leaders in Obeagu, Awgu Local Government Area of Enugu State…described the recent reported election of a new monarch as a ruse.

Some members of the community…..gathered last weekend during which Chief Sylvester Okolo was elected as the new traditional ruler of the community after eight years of stalemate.

However, in a statement made available to newsmen on Thursday, other leaders of the community described the election of Chief Okolo as fake.

They described the reported>>>>election as misleading, null and void, capable of plunging the community into confusion.

<<<>>>Welfare Association; Mr Sunday Uzochukwu, Chairman, on behalf of Ogwuagbom Development Union, as well as Mr Oliver Aniokete, Chairman, on behalf of OBUO Development Union.

They declared that: “OBEAGU community is yet to get a new monarch/install a Traditional<<>>>and their cohorts in total disregard of the directives given by the Honourable commissioner, ministry of chieftaincy matters, Enugu state;

“The process of selecting a new monarch/Traditional Ruler of the community>>>>was postponed indefinitely by the ministry of chieftaincy matters Enugu state on the 16th May, 2023, because there was disunity and the unlawful individuals and their cohorts disobeyed that order;

“The Obeagu chieftaincy constitution stipulated selection as a mode>>>of selecting her Traditional Ruler. The constitution FROWNS at ELECTION in its entire content as mode of selecting a Traditional Ruler;

“Chief Sylvester Okolo who was elected as their new monarch/Traditional Ruler Eight (8) years after the demise of the former Igwe, HRH D.O.C Ikemefuna by unlawful individuals and their cohorts using>>>>option A4 system should never be regarded or addressed as Traditional Ruler of Obeagu Town;

“The name of the President General of Obeagu Town Union (OTU), is Ogbuefi Anslem Aniokete, and the name of the Secretary General of the Town Union>>>>is Mr Ferdinand Ejimofor

“Calllistus Orjiogbu, earlier announced by the unlawful individuals, who is parading himself as the new President General of the OBEAGU Town Union<<

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