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Death Of OAU MBA Student: Lawyer Reveals More Update

by Mukhtar Ajelogbon

The investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death and burial of Obafemi Awolowo University MBA student Timothy Adegoke took a turn yesterday following an allegation that the deceased was buried by workers of the central local government of Ife with the consent of the police.

Mr. Abiodun Williams, counsel to the detained president of Hilton Hotel and Resorts, Chief Ramon Adegoke, now wants the police to expand the scope of their investigation to cover this allegation.

Williams, in a November 26, 2021 petition to the Osun State Police Commissioner, claimed that some people working near where the corpse was dumped reported the matter to LG authorities who , in turn, contacted the police to obtain their consent to the burial.

Police then granted the request, Williams said.
He said: “You will recall that some of the suspects in your custody allegedly confessed to throwing the dead body of the late Mr. Timothy Adegoke in the bush, they did not admit to having buried it. You will also recall that during the interview you gave to Rave 91.7 FM on November 22, 2021, it was implied that some of the suspects confessed to having buried the corpse in the bush about 2 km from the hotels some leaves along Ede. Road, Ile-Ife, Osun State.

However, there is now a strong rumour peddled by some people to the effect that that position may not be correct after all.

“It was the officials of the Department of Public Health, Ife Central Local Government, Ile-Ife that buried the deceased having received clearance from the officers of the Nigerian Police of one of the Divisions in Ile-Ife. We could not establish which of the divisions in Ile-Ife gave the clearance.

However, we believe that, if the information is correct, discreet and diligent investigations will establish it.

He said that if the police could establish that agents from the public health department and central local government were the ones who buried Adegoke’s corpse, it would greatly assist pathologists in their quest to elucidate the circumstances that led to Adegoke’s death. death.

Williams said: “That would stop the question,” why did those who buried Mr. Timothy Adegoke’s corpse remain silent the entire time and allow an innocent man to languish in custody? “”

He added: “We have also deduced from stories circulating in the public domain that artisans, workers and business owners around the premises where the body of the late Timothy Adegoke was originally found reported the matter to the police. ; who in turn authorized officials from the Ministry of Public Health, central local government of Ife, Ile-Ife to bury the corpse.

“We have heard that the activities leading up to the burial of the young man who died were correctly recorded on video and photos taken by the authorities.”

He implored the Police Commissioner to “use your good offices to confirm the veracity of the information set out above in order to truly determine what role each of the suspects and / or anyone or government agents played in the
events leading up to the death and burial of Mr. Timothy Adegoke to ensure that justice is done first and foremost.

We believe that if the information relating to the burial of the body of the deceased were promptly investigated, it would further establish the innocence of our client.”

LG Chairman Hon Olayera Elugbaju told The Nation on Friday that speculation that some members of the local government were arrested by police for their involvement in the burial of Adegoke’s corpse was false.

“No member of the secretariat has been arrested by the police. I cannot confirm to you now if our staff buried Adegoke’s corpse until I see the file where they record the corpses that the local government had buried in the past, ”he said.

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