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Osun 2022: The Emergency Muslim Candidate of PDP

by Debo Wale

By Soliu Jagunmolu

For a lot of reasons, the election period is loaded with a lot of unimaginable actions and decision are taken. For me what I ask myself is if some of the people who take the decisions or who even advises some aspirants and candidates thinks before they do so.

In a country like Nigeria where there are two major political parties and a host of other grooms men association registered with INEC as a political party, one would expect some vibrancy from either of the party most especially when one of them is in opposition.

The People’s Democratic Party that we know, probably died in 2015 but then the pre-death of PDP had happened in Osun since 2010 when the PDP lost power because of the court ruling that removed Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola as the Governor of the state.

After that period, it seems as if the party just started reversing from bad to worse and worse to worst. So worst to the point of even finally becoming unlucky to field Ademola Adeleke, a man who probably didn’t know he went to secondary school and we need court to proof that he even went to school.

The issue went further when shortly after he lost the election he had to disappear and then reappear while he claimed to be graduating from a non-degree awarding institution in the US.

On a lighter note, I used to think Donald Trump would have just helped Osun out by helping us enrol Uncle Demo to either Harvard or Yale but then Trump knows better and will not joke with people like me who are bent on his second term bid as at then.

I may even have to apologize to Demo Sport for referring to PDP’s nemesis as Demo, I have to look for something else.

Now let me go back to why I am here.

I think that it is a high-level of irresponsibility for anybody either in politics or outside politics not to know his religion or to start switching religion because of election. I used to think religion was about dedication to God but when you begin to switch, there is a question mark on your integrity and credibility.

Ademola Adeleke no doubt has no religion because the consistent attempt to persuade Osun people to believe he is a practising muslim keeps failing and I am sure you know the strategies are to archaic and very moribund.

In 2018, I had a privileged information about how Ademola Adeleke visited the Osun state chapter of the Federation of Muslim Women Association of Nigeria (FOMWAN) to canvas them to vote for him, unfortunately for him he went on a Friday. When it was time for Jum’at service the women ask him to allow them go for prayers.

He sat in the office where they were receiving him till they were done. The question is which practising muslim will not observe Jum’at. Lets even say he can’t pray with women, is it possible that there is nowhere else he could have prayed around there?

To top it up Uncle Demola even chews gum in the mosque under his dark shades. No muslim does that, no not one.

Until it was certain in this 2022 that he is going to have a Christian Deputy Governorship candidate, Ademola wasn’t going to different mosques to pray, why the sudden remembrance of his religion?

Why is it that the constant message right now is that he is going to the mosque. I dare to say he should be allowed to lead prayers and then we should hear him say all the recitations. We will then believe PDP.

There are a lot of arguments of course about his names, which now includes Jackson and Nurudeen. If Ademola and his lazy team are smart enough they would know that Jackson is not a Christian name, so they don’t have to stress the campaign of he his a muslim. I mean these guys don’t even know that Jackson is an English name.

I honestly think that Ademola and PDP needs to apologize to the people of Osun state for attempting to play with our intelligence.

No one is even talking about intellect here, but how do you joke with our mind about the religion of the man you are trying to sell to us. I just imagined if they had picked a Muslim Deputy Governorship candidate, which religion the emergency muslim candidate would have chosen next.

You could be born in Islam and become a Christian and you can be born a Christian and change to Islam, no one will kill you for it but you have to stay through to that. Thats how to prove your integrity and credibility but the PDP in Osun thinks that they can just play with out brain and go away with it.

I am even tempted to talk about PDP but who talk about a political party who lacks strategy? Who talks about a political party whose job on a daily basis it is to keep pushing nothing to the people other than blank bullet. No one, just no one.

I just want to advise the people of Osun state to be wise in voting again, a man who doesn’t know his religion can not be trusted.

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