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Osun guber: Who’s going to carry the day? By Seyi Adeniyi

by Debo Wale

In another 30 days, Osun electorates will be going to the polls to elect their governor for another 4 years. Amongst those who cannot be wished away are; Governor Adegboyega Oyetola, Senator Ademola Adeleke, Rt. Hon. Lasun Yussuff and Dr. Akin Ogunbiyi.

Mr Oyetola is the candidate of the ruling APC and incumbent governor. His party is at the centre; the party is well structured across the state. Mr Oyetola will be leveraging on his achievements in the last three and half years and federal might.

The failure of his party at the national will surely have a negative effect on him. Though, Oyetola tried in making sure he delivered on his promises to the people of Osun. Is Osun going to vote APC again?Electorates will decide.

Mr Adeleke will be leveraging on the fact that people of Osun overwhelmingly voted for him in the last guber election despite the campaign of calumny against him. Recall, he was named as dancing Senator who know nothing about governance and politics.

The tendencies of enjoying sympathy vote are high. Also, he’s going to enjoy some patronage, considering the failure of the APC at the centre.

Though, some are of the opinion that the Senator doesn’t understand anything about governance, that his government would be hijacked by core politicians who have been out of government for over a decade. Is Osun going to vote Adeleke? Electorates will decide.

Mr Yussuff will be leveraging on the fact that he was a former deputy speaker; he’s going to enjoy some patronage. He has a lot of work to do because his party lacks structure. Take for example, in my own local government, Ifedayo local government, I don’t know where their party secretariat located not to talk of its members.

He’s not reaching out as one would have expected. Is he going to step down for one of candidates? Time shall tell.

Mr Ogunbiyi will be leveraging on the fact that he was denied the ticket in 2018 by PDP, hence he may enjoy some patronage in this regard. Also, he has been reaching out to those that matter in the state, I mean the critical stakeholders. Also, he will be working so hard because his party is not well structured in the state and he’s not making any public campaign, unlike PDP and APC.

Above all, Osun electorates should not allow money to dictate who they will vote for. Vote according to your conscience.

Seyi Adeniyi, is a publisher and political analyst.


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