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Abba Kyari: Who’s Next As Hushpuppi Starts ‘Singing’? – By Lawal Olayimika

by Mukhtar Ajelogbon

Have you read the latest development on popular internet fraudster, Hushpuppi’s case? According to multiple reports, the office and powers bestowed to DCP Abba Kyari who is a top police officer to secure, protect and ensure justice were temporarily bought by an infamous internet fraudster known as Hushpuppi who used it to effect arrest and perfect his crime.

The Supercop was allegedly figured to have participated in $1.1 million scam deal. This is not the best time for the country and the force.

This moment is not only of shame and utter disgrace but clearly shows the extent of rot in the police system. It further justifies the call of sane Nigerians that the police system must be completely reformed. I as a citizen of Nigeria expresses my heartfelt condolences to the Nigeria Police. And I want to thank God that Nigeria has no shame and the Nigeria Police Force is not strange to ridicule. Like many other unpleasant and heartbreaking tales, this sad tale will soon fade and everything will become normal as if nothing unfortunate happened.

Judging by the amount of money involved in the scam, I knew Ramon Hushpuppi would not have been the sole perpetrator of the scam when the prosecution started. Who would have thought a super cop like DCP Abba Kyari Kyari contributed to the losses of innocent people who were defrauded by Hushpuppi? Just two days ago, a popular Osun journalist, Adedayo Oderinu wrote about fake moralists who condemn internet fraud and abuse fraudsters but they do all these not because they hate crimes. They either have not succeeded in it or not benefitted from these loots or jealous of the material things in possession of these fraudsters.

But the case of DCP Abba Kyari is different. He is not a fake moralist, he is worse if the claims by the FBI and Hushpuppi turn out to be true, then he is a criminal. In the course of abetting crime, he violated rules and regulations guiding his profession as a cop. He ridiculed the entire country and presented the force as a group of scallywags who are brothers in fellowship with criminals. We now know why most criminal cases as evident as they might be do not end well. We now know why prominent suspects escape from police cells.

We now know why police most times does not have sufficient evidences to present in court to nail a suspect. There are many ‘DCP Abba Kyaris’ in the police force who abet crimes and cover up the tracks of criminals to frustrate court rulings.
If Hushpuppi was arrested and prosecuted in Nigeria, prominent people like DCP Abba Kyari would have frustrated the case to protect their names.

We would have read reports of missing files, non-appearance in court and many others. The case would have suffered a natural death and Hushpuppi would have visited churches and mosques to do thanksgiving. He would have been made life patrons of students association like NANS and be given chieftaincy title by hungry traditional ruler and chiefs in his hometown. He would have become the new face of youths and a demi-god to those who look up to him as mentor.

Now that he is not within the collapsing and fragile judiciary system of Nigeria where they make ‘all impossibles’ become possible, we should expect more shocking revelations. Prominent lawyers, top officials in the force, and those driven by hunger and poverty into activism would not be spared.
More secrets will be unraveled. They have started running helter-skelter. Sadly, they have no where to hide.

The case is not in Nigeria where top judges and police bosses can be bribed. They have no men to instruct to inject Hushpuppi. The infamous fraudster is free to express his mind and reveal more names. He has started with DCP Abba Kyari. We should await his brothers too.

The entire police force needs to be cleansed. People like DCP Abba Kyari should be expunged. They should be prosecuted and imprisoned to serve as lesson for others. The federal government should release DCP Abba Kyari to the FBI to pass a strong message that the country and its police force does not represent the actions of DCP Abba Kyari. Atleast we should not lose in two ways.
As we await shocking revelations especially the identities of individuals who participated in the fraud, we will continue to agitate for total cleansing of the Nigeria Police Force.

Apagunpote Olayimika Chocomilo

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