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Asiwaju as Governor of the Year-Infrastructure



Naysayers must be in trouble, ruminating on what to say as the world celebrates Governor Ademola Adeleke as the Infrastructure Governor of the Year. From far and near, the authentication of Asiwaju of Edeland is streaming in with opposition in pain as to how to manage this phenomenon called Ademola Adeleke.

The Vanguard newspaper established by the finest of publishers, Pa Sam Amuka, is not known for frivolities. This credible platform represents one of the best breeds within and without Nigerian journalism. Governor Adeleke is being honoured by that time honoured media outfit.

The management of the newspaper narrated how it arrived at the conclusion. A particular viral video on how the Osun Governor is rapidly changing the fortune of the Osun State University attracted both the editorial board and the managers of the award programme.

A team was sent to Osun State without the knowledge of the Governor. The team found Osun, a huge construction site. They returned to Lagos with a verdict of surprise with overwhelming confirmation of not just the content of the viral video, but massive evidence of several completed and ongoing projects across the infra sector.

And so, just one and half years into a four year tenure, Governor Adeleke emerges Governor of the Year-Infrastructure. This is a resounding attestation, a justifiable recognition and an affirmation of good performance.

What Osun people applaud daily is now reiterated at the national level. The honour is both from home and outside.

Imole is really shining on Osun. This era of good governance has come to stay in the State of the Living Spring

● By Mallam Olawale Rasheed – SP

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