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Does Adeleke deserves to be awarded Best Governor of The Year?



By Adesoji OMOSEBI

Recently, the Osun State Governor, Ademola Adeleke was honored with “The Best Governor of The Year AWARD” by a Lagos based Champion Newspapers in a celebrated ceremony in Lagos.

The ceremony coincided with the governor’s 63rd birthday on May 13, 2023.

I reflected on the award and many probing questions came to my mind which includes, what year was the Governor appraised? Was it in 2022 when he was Sworn-in on November 27th, where he spent only 34 days/five months of 2023?

The tradition I understood was when previous year performance is being assessed and if found to be outstanding, the recipient could be selected or nominated for an award for that year. To put it mildly, someone could be honoured for his performance at the end of the year based on the previous 12 calendar months.

Looking at the ceremonial event, I was taken aback, when has such award become so cheap that ones performance would be measured within five weeks that ended the previous year?

Adeleke was Sworn-in on November 27, 2022 and the year ended December 31, 2022, from my layman’s knowledge, Adeleke became the best Governor of the Year within 34-days ahead of other 35 State governors In Nigeria.

That is not to say that the Osun Governor has not done well but what was the criteria or indices used to measure his performance if not hypocrisy?

Immediately I received the details of the event, the following was my spontaneous reaction,

“In all honesty, what has Adekeke done to deserve the best governor?

Which year was he declared best governor? Is it this year 2023 that is yet to reach half or last year 2022 when he spent just 34 days?

What type of hypocrisy is this in Nigeria?

If I were the governor, I will politely reject it.

This is not a political opinion but from the sincerity of my heart.

The same set of people celebrated Oyetola with several awards until they boxed him to a corner.

It is very annoying.

I am neither against PDP nor Adeleke, someone that has just found his feet upon Supreme Court judgement!

If he is awarded as a dogged fighter who fought to reclaim his mandate, very good! But not this type.

This can only happen in a country like Nigeria.

This is my personal opinion.

Thank you.”

I think the Governor should be allowed to settle down and face governance because governance is a serious business, it is not by ‘butter and bread’.

I want my ‘dancing governor’ to note that, the same people chanting ‘Hossana’, echoing ‘Buga’ today will say ‘crucify him tomorrow’. And he alone will be accountable for his actions or inactions in Bola Ige House.

I shook my head in disbelief when some high ranking Monarchs praised Adeleke to high heaven to the extent that he was endorsed for a second Term when he is yet to spend six months out of four mandated years in Office.

I was at a conference in one of the popular event centres in Osogbo when same set of people were praising former Governor Gboyega Oyetola and endorsed him for a second term, the rest is history. Internal party wranglings within the APC cost Oyetola his second term in office because they do not know how to manage success.

I believe Mr Governor is aware that Oyetola didn’t lose his election for non-performance, he indeed managed the meagre resources of the state with dexterity.

My dear Governor Adeleke, watch your back when people are praising you, that is their stock-in-trade. I would advise you to learn diligently from the previous administration’s mistakes and chart a new agenda without fear or favour, sentiment or emotion.

It is not all ‘awards’ that are really realistic, some will come as a bait while some are hypocrisy. Beware of praise singers, they did it for previous administrations in the state, yours will not be an exception. Watch your back!

Appointment of cabinet is very crucial to good governance, I will advice the governor to appoint based on credibility and capabilities not on political considerations. History will not remember anyone in any administration but the man at the helm of affairs in the years to come.

I wish Adeleke successful tenure and happy birthday in arrears.

Adesoji OMOSEBI, is the Publisher/ Editor-in-chief of SOJ WORLDWIDE ONLINE NEWS.

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