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Femi Adebayo’s wife blasts Dayo Amusa over AMVCA award



Following the AMVCA award received by a crossdresser, Bobrisky by Nollywood actor, Femi Adebayo, response of a Nollywood star, Dayo Amusa has been generating a lot of comments.

However, wife of Femi Adebayo has responded to Dayo Amusa who condemed the award given to Bobrisky, saying her comment was aimed at bringing her husband down.

Read full statement below

“You all are quick to bring people down. How does the person who present an award be blamed for it?

“So if AMVCA gives an award to someone you believe is not deserving, you’ll blame the presenter of the award and not the AMVCA or judges?!!! Where are your brains?

“Well I don’t blame you all, I blame the so called colleagues (enemies disguised as friends) Who find it easier to publicly call you out at every opportunity rather than putting a call through to you! Femi is damn too hardworking and supportive!

“Madam, karma will visit you soon because you know Femi was only asked to present !
Your call out was definitely Intentional and hypocritical!

“Dayo! You are an hyprocite and ev!l minded ! Just this morning you were apologizing to Femi on the phone. You claimed you didn’t mean it the way it was interpreted and that you would do a video to correct that but Ofcus you lied!

“Who God has blessed No Dayo can curse. God is bigger than you”, Femi Adebayo’s wife replies Dayo Amusa

At the time of filing this report, no further response from Dayo Amusawon Femi’s wife outburst.

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