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FG Reacts To ASUU’s Planned Strike Action



The acting Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission (NUC), Chris Maiyaki, has disclosed in Abuja on Wednesday that the Federal Government is poised to reconstitute the governing councils of universities across the nation.

According to reports, during a media briefing with education reporters, Maiyaki explained that the Minister of Education, Prof. Tahir Mamman, had established a panel dedicated to preparing the list for the councils’ reformation.

…._______This development follows closely on the heels of a two-week ultimatum issued by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), demanding the swift reconstitution of the governing councils of federal universities.

“The process to reconstitute the councils of 61 universities is extensive, aiming to ensure the appointment of individuals who are not only qualified but also possess the right pedigree to foster the advancement of our universities in line with Mr. President’s Renewed Hope Agenda,” Maiyaki stated.

,,,,****””””””Responding to ASUU’s demands, Maiyaki appealed for patience, recognizing the urgency of their concerns but underscoring the complexities involved in such a comprehensive governmental process.

The NUC boss also addressed the pressing need for more higher education institutions in Nigeria, citing that the existing 272 universities are insufficient to meet the escalating demand.

_____!!!!“Each year, close to two million applications are received, yet only a fraction gain admission. It’s clear that expanding access by establishing more universities is crucial for meeting the national demand for quality education,” he said.

Maiyaki further detailed various initiatives by the NUC aimed at enhancing the university system in Nigeria.

_____””””””This includes a significant overhaul of university curricula, transitioning from the Benchmark Minimum Academic Standards to the Core Curriculum Minimum Academic Standards (CCMAS).

These new standards, which were rolled out in the 2023/2024 academic year, reflect Nigeria’s aspirations towards a knowledge-driven economy and are tailored to imbue students with 21st-century skills.

,,_____!!!!!“The CCMAS is designed to foster greater industry partnerships and promote blended learning environments, marking a strategic pivot towards more dynamic and technologically integrated educational frameworks,” Maiyaki explained.

Additionally, the NUC has developed guidelines to enhance the quality and regulation of Open and Distance Learning (ODL) within the Nigerian university system.

_____'”””””””These guidelines aim to integrate e-learning with traditional teaching methods to ensure that educational delivery is modern and effective.

“The introduction of these guidelines represents a pivotal moment in our commitment to elevating the quality, equity, and accessibility of university education across Nigeria,” Maiyaki added.

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