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Nigerians react as marketers speak on new petrol price



____Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN), National President, Alhaji Abubakar Maigandi has said that the fuel market started responding positively as soon as the private depots got a wind of NNPCL assurance to supply petrol directly to the independent marketers.

The price of petrol has however crashed from N640 per litre to N630 per litre.

According to IPMAN President, “The price has started reducing since NNPCL is giving independent marketers their direct allocation. NNPCL said they will give us direct product instead of taking it to private depot to sell it to us at a higher rate.

“It has started changing the price now even though they just gave us a small quantity. We are supposed to have 50 per cent of the distribution. Let’s say they have given us one per cent.

___“Even that one per cent has started changing the situation of the market.
“Depot price has started reducing. It was previously N640 per litre. But when the rumour came, we will start getting our direct allocation, they reduced it to N630 per litre. NNPCL sells at N570 per litre.”

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