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Politician Falls From Balcony, Dies While Celebrating Election Victory



It was a tragic scenario when the deputy head of the branch of the opposition Republican People’s Party, Mehmet Palaz, died when the balcony collapsed during the celebration of the election victory.

According to report, a day earlier, it was learnt that Kadir Tatik, a member of the Republican People’s Party, won the elections in Tavak district. His supporters celebrated the victory on the street in front of the party building.

Report further revealed that the incident which occurred in the Turkish city of Denizli also left seven others injured.

The accident occurred overnight as party members and supporters gathered to celebrate the victory of Kadir Tatik in his campaign for the local municipality head’s office, after preliminary results of the election were announced.

_______Footage from the scene shows multiple party members gathered on a balcony of a building, with a crowd of onlookers cheering them on outside. The balcony is seen abruptly collapsing, coming clean off the rest of the structure.

“””””:;:;;@MyLordBebo who posted the video of the incident, on his X (formerly Twitter) account, wrote:

“Deputy head of the Turkish opposition party Mehmet Palaz died as a result of a balcony collapse during election victory celebrations. Another 8 people were hospitalized.” – IHA agency

“Imagine, you just won the elections and this happens, unlucky.”

_____”””””””According to Milliyet, when some people climbed to the second floor of the building, one of the balconies collapsed. As a result, eight people were injured, three of them in serious condition.

_______When the balcony collapsed, Mehmet Palaz injured his head. He was hospitalised in the city hospital in Pamukkale. He died on April 1.

;;;””””””Local elections in Turkey were held on March 31. In many major cities, including Ankara and Istanbul, opposition representatives won majorities.

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