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Popular Pastor remanded for allegedly R*ping woman (Photo)



On Wednesday, Oluwafeyiropo Daniels, a pastor from Nigeria, was remanded by an Ikeja court for s*xual offences and domestic violence.

…..The pastor was remanded for allegedly raping a woman aged 25 while “speaking in tongues.”

,,,,The priest allegedly raped the woman at his home in Lekki, Lagos state. The founder of ‘I Reign Christian Ministry’ was remanded for allegedly raping two members of his congregation at his home in June 2020.

….The victim, a member of the bishop’s church, was presented as a witness during the trial by Babajide Boye, the state’s lead counsel.

The victim told the court that on January 2, 2019, she overheard her cousin listening to the bishop’s sermon over the phone while they were at her sister’s shop in Osogbo.

“I told my cousin that the sermon was enjoyable, and he gave me the church’s name and Facebook page address,” the victim explained.

,,,,,,,“After that, I was able to chat with Feyi on Facebook, and he added me to a WhatsApp group called spiritual sonship group.”

The alleged victim stated that she met the pastor for the first time in 2019 when she attended a three-day church retreat.

…..“He later held a programme at OAU, where I met Brother Isaac, one of his spiritual sons, and we exchanged contact information,” she explained.

“From the sonship group, I chose an assistant pastor ,first prosecution witness (PW1) (name withheld) as my prayer partner because, regardless of gender, we are all sons.

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