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Saudi Arabia Sends Warning To Intending 2024 Pilgrims, Gives Hajj Regulations



Ahead of the 2024 hajj, Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry has announced on Tuesday that violators of Hajj regulations and instructions without a permit during the period June 2- 20 will be punished.

He stated that any citizens, residents, and visitors to the Kingdom caught violating Hajj regulations and instructions without a permit in Makkah, the area around the Grand Mosque, Hajj sites, the Haramain station in Al-Rusayfah, security control centers, sorting centers, and temporary security control centers during the specified period will be fined SR 10,000 ($2,666).

,,,,,,The Minister added that residents violating the rules will be deported to their countries and banned from reentering the Kingdom, Saudi Press Agency reported, adding that violators will be fined a further SR 10,000 each time they broke the rules, stressing the importance of adhering to Hajj regulations and instructions so that pilgrims can carry out their rituals in safety, security, and comfort.

,,,,,,,Anyone who is caught transporting violators of Hajj regulations and instructions without a permit will be imprisoned for a period of up to six months and fined up to SR 50,000 riyals.

____;;;;;____An order will be made to confiscate the vehicle used and the violator will be deported after serving a prison sentence if an expat. The fine will increase in line with the number of people illegally transported.

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