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“You’ve done Enough, Come Back Home” Constituent writes Osun Reps Member

by Debo Wale

,,,,,One of the constituents of Iwo Federal Constituency, Sola Isola, popularly known as the Duke of Iwoland has told the lawmaker representing the constituency,
Hon. Amobi Yinusa Akintola at the green chamber in Abuja to come back home.

Sola said it is important to have a new and fresh brain to represent Iwo Federal Constituency in Abuja.

…..A new lawmaker that has listening ears, treats people equally and will be a man of the people.

This was disclosed in a statement released on his social platform.

……The Duke of Iwoland said Honourable Amobi Yinusa has done his part and that a new face needs to be voted in the forthcoming house of representatives election coming next year.

He further added that Hon. Amobi Yinusa Akintola failed to represent the constituency well and came up with emergency projects to deceive people for the next general election in 2023.

Read the statement 👇

“Dear Hon Yinusa Amobi Akintola representing Iwo Federal Constituency at the House of Reps,

“You have done enough, come back home. We have decided to send someone else, someone better.”

“I dare to say that the person we are sending has listening ears, he treats people equally, and he is a man of the people.”

“All these emergency end time good you are doing could have been done two, three years ago but at that time, you were busy, realizing that you need to do it now is crying over spilt milk.
So, please sir, come back home.” He concluded.

Amobi Akintola is a Nigerian politician at the House of Representatives level.

….He is currently serving as the Federal Representative representing Ayedire/Iwo/Ola Oluwa constituency in the 9th National Assembly and also a candidate of the All Progressives Congress, to the same position

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