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Everybody’s Business In Electoral Process

by Dele Adebowale

By: Abdulhafeez T. Oyewole

Elections will go and come, just like governance and governor but government is a continuum. In a democratic setting, election marks a time to decide who to govern the people for a particular period of time. This time or tenure varies from one state or country to another.

To get elected into political offices take procedures, that which the citizens, politicians, political parties and election umpire are involved in. That is why in a democratic system of government, to choose leaders to lead for the stipulated period of time is everybody’s affair.

Consequently, every candidate must compete for an electoral seat under the umbrella of a political party, who he or she holds similar ideas with about politics, and particular ideological or policy goals. A political party brings people of shared interests together, while citizens vote for the party of their choice, and by doing so, influence government policy. Every political party has a uniform ritual that at a long run brings about the emergence of their candidates for the elections. Party primaries, caucus meetings, national conventions, campaigns and rallies are parts of the politicking processes and instruments to employ to ensure election’s victory for the choice of leaders the citizens want which they make pronounced on the election day.

For this reason, to ensure election’s success in a free and fair atmosphere, all hands must be on deck. All political actors need to be on their toes in ensuring that the elections come and go without violence. The era of political thugs fomenting troubles should be a forgotten path for a democracy on its fourth phase and an independence state on its sixty-second count.

It is incumbent on all, including the Independence National Electoral Commission, INEC, to continue on its good tempo in making sure that next elections are conducted on an improved note, with the introduction of new technology and obeisance to its guidelines and also by ensuring they are being followed to the latter by all political stakeholders.

Political parties are also advised to coordinate themselves in good manners and base their campaigns on issues to improve the lives of the populace and not on personality. Citizens should ask thought-provoking questions when the political office seekers come to canvas for their votes. They should not hold back enquiry on every germane question that will ensure the dividends of democracy are attained. They should not wield the voting power they have with their Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC) on pettiness and fake promises. It is high time the media maintain objectivity, impartiality and balance in their reportage, coverage and airtime spot. Nation building is everyone’s business!

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