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Owa Igbajo Stool: “You’re not representing us” – Authentic Owa Oke-Ode ruling house rufute claims by Owa-in council



The authentic Princes and Princesses from Omo Owa Oke-Ode ruling house in Igbajo town have refuted the claims by the few people among the Owa Oke-Ode ruling house that are promoting illegality and injustice during the organised press conference in Osogbo recently saying the affected people are not representing the general interest of the ruling house neither the interest of entire Igbajo people.

This was made known in a press statement issued on Monday and jointly signed by, Mr Adegoke Isaac Esan of Lukosi Omo Owa, Aworoosun’s compound in Igbajo, Pastor (Prince) Adewale Makinde of the Onigemo’s compound, Igbajo, Prince Adeyinka Adereni of the Omokan’s compound, Igbajo and Prince Adedokun Ajakaye from Baba Owa’s Compound, Igbajo.

It will be recall that the press conference acclaimed to be organized by Owa-in council was held at the NUJ Press centre, Osogbo on Monday 12th February, 2024.

The statement described the people at the press conference as being heavily gratified, saying “that is why they are shamefully acting this way, to shock you, many of them are not even bonafide Omo Owa in lgbajo. They are not heirs to the throne of Owa. They are being used to mislead the general public.

“It is equally important to let the general public aware that the acclaimed acceptability of Prince Adegboyega Famodun as Owa of Igbajo was untrue.
All and sundry in lgbajo know the truth and stand with it, that it is not his turn to reign as Owa of lgbajo.

“The acclaimed process of selection that produced Famodun as the sole candidate was not even in place. The Alale of Igbajo and the Universal Landlord: God, has rejected Famodun, the process and the perpetrators.

Oba Adegboyega Famodun, Owa of Igbajo

“Prince Adegboyega Famodun did not obtain the expression of interest form to vie for the stool of Owa of lgbajo.
As at the time of his announcement, the Local Government has not sold the Expression of Interest form to any Aspirant. lf contrary, let him produce the copy for the general public assessment.

“It is not the turn of Prince Adegboyega Famodun ruling family to produce candidate talk-less of emerging as the sole candidate.
“Enikan kije, kile fe” The last two Obas who reigned from Owa Oke Ode were the grandfather and the biological father of Prince Adegboyega Famodun in a quick succession at the detriment of other 8 ruling clans.

“The acclaimed selection process was not observed according to the dictates of the chief law. For examples,
Prince Famodun did not obtain expression form of interest.
“No letter of invitation was written by Owa Oke ode to the Local Government to witness or oversee the modalities to be adopted in selecting candidate or candidates.

“The lgbajo Chieftaincy Declaration of 1957 states that a meeting of male princes of the ruling house to produce candidate(s) shall be called where all the candidates will be presented to the whole family and selection of a candidate or candidates will be made and forwarded to the Local Government for onward submission to the Kingmakers. ln this scenario, all these processes were jettisoned.
We want to put it across to the Famodun promoters to please produce these documents for the general public perusal.

“It is worthy of note that the acclaimed and dubious process which produced Prince Famodun was executed under a week. The letter to commence the selection from Boluwaduro East Local Development Area, Ajoda was dated 14th November, 2022. ln the same letter, the name of Prince Adegboyega Philip Famodun was mentioned as the sole candidate.

“In addition, from the documents in our custody, it was established that the letter of selecting Prince Famodun written by the Kingmakers was dated 21st November, 2022. Also, letter of consent by HE Gboyega Oyetola was also dated 21st November, 2022.

“However, to shock you, the Owa Oke Ode did their acclaimed selection by the selected few members of the ruling house in a gross violation of Igbajo Chieftaincy Declaration,1957 on 12th November, 2022. That is two days before the letter of commencement of selection process from the Local Government.

“There was a pending case in court with suit NO. HIK/10/2021 at the state high court, Ikirun division but later transferred to the state high court, Osogbo before Justice Yinka Afolabi as at the material time when Prince Adegboyega Famodun was installed.

“Any tradition that lack respect for equity, fairness, Justice, transparency, all-inclusiveness, equal participation and due process should not be allowed to fly in this modern dispensation.
It was a common place that several inherited policies of HE Aregbesola were reversed brazenly by the government of HE Gboyega Oyetola, so why can’t a policy that was seen as so lopsided, not reversed? And it was even based on conclusion and recommendation of an Administrative Panel of enquiry set up by the Government, headed by Rev. Bunmi Jenyo that looked into the matter.

“The case in Court after the illegal Installation of Prince Famodun with suit NO.HIK/1/2023 does not affect Owa of Igbajo stool in anyway or selection of new Oba. The case is based on equity, fairness and justice that Famodun can not contest again when it is turn of Omo Owa Oke-Ode because his late father was the Oba that left the throne from Owa Oke-Ode after which Fasade from Owa Odo Iloro became king in Igbajo and when it is the turn of Owa Oke-Ode, it cannot be Famodun again or anybody from Gbeleru section of Owa Oke-Ode ruling house. This is to let the general public know that this is the basis of our case in court.

“In their assertion, they said that the installation of Owa of Igbajo and traditional rites cannot be performed twice, very correct. ln this scenario, it can be performed for the rightful prince to the stool and not Prince Famodun again.

“The re-selection process order of the Government is not oppressive, not vindictive, not vendetta laden and not against the rule of law. Prince Famodun, the Kingmakers and the State Government under the leadership of HE Gboyega Oyetola resolved to self help and went ahead to install Prince Famodun when the case with file number HIK/10/2021 was still on.

“lt is a blatant lie that the Government of Osun state as a defendant in suit No. HIK/1/2023 has filed a preliminary objection to strike out the case.

“We want to state categorically that non of the princes vie for the stool of Owa of lgbajo failed or lost in the contest. The process was not even in place in the first instance talk-less of following it. The then Government just used her political power to oppress and manipulate the process in favour of Prince Famodun who was the state party chairman of All progressive Congress as that time.

“We want to challenge Chief Adewumi Taiwo and Mr.(not prince please) Sunday Adeyemo to please make available to the public the file that contain the proceedings that led to the installation of Prince Famodun as Owa of Igbajo. lt is nowhere to be found at the Local Government and the Ministry of Local Government & Chieftaincy Affairs.

“We are calling on the sons and daughters of Igbajo to please speak up and stand for the truth. Prince Famodun and his promoters should be called to order not to truncate the long existing peace and tranquility in the land.

“We want to inform the general public that a letter to commence new selection process has been duly served by the Local Government and the princes of Owa Oke Ode were so happy about it. The letter is all-inclusive which even allows Prince Adegboyega Famodun to participate in the new and transparent process.
And from all available information and contrary to the lies stated by his supporters during the press conference, Prince Famodun is eager to obtain the new form, which is a clear indication that he knew his initial selection was faulty and based on lies. Let us wait and see (we promise to avail you more information on this as event unfolds).

“As the authentic Princes and Princesses in Igbajo, we want to state categorically that the interest of lgbajo should override every other personal interest.

“Therefore, we want to plead with our fathers and leaders to support the new selection process that guarantee a free, fair and credible participation.

“The present Government led by HE Senator Ademola Nurudeen Jackson Ademola Adeleke should be commended for his boldness and sincerity that has resulted in peace and harmony in lgbajo.

“We want to also correct the claim and stand of some people that the release of white paper was politicized and meant to oppress Prince Adegboyega Famodun.
The answer is capital NO. Disrespect to tradition, custom and the rule of law must be totally discouraged by all and sundry for peaceful co-existence, posterity and prosperity of our society.

“In conclusion, let’s consider the Hebrew women and Pharaoh as a case study in the book of Exodus 1:8 -21.
The wicked often put themselves in the position of God, wanting to dictate the destinies of others. To achieve this, they go to great extent to recruit other people to help them execute their evil intentions. Such was the scenario between the Hebrew women and Pharaoh.

“The hand of God was so evident in the camp of the lsraelites that Pharaoh felt threatened, he decided to eliminate the Israelites by ordering the killing of Hebrew boys at birth. The Hebrew Midwives feared God and refused the evil order of the king. They kept all the children alive.

“They knew God and were ready to ensure His will , not minding what will befall them if the king hear about what they had done.

“Above is the scenario that is unfolding in our great community, Igbajo, the citadel of braves which has now become the citadel of cowards.There are many well placed people in the community who has turned themselves to Pharaoh in the ongoing and unprecedented incident rocking the highly revered stool of Owa of Igbajoland. It is disappointing to see this happening in time like this.

“No matter how highly placed you are, don’t turn yourself to Pharaoh that dictates the destines of others. Watch out, life is a seed, whatsoever you sow, you shall surely reap.

“We come in peace. God bless lovers of truth and God bless our father’s land, Igbajo.
We call on all the ASIWAJUs, the omo Owas, the Omolufes, the Omo Ejemus and all the Elders, let Igbajo breathe!!!
Long live Igbajo-Iloro, ọmọ Alamogogo męmu” the statement concluded.

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