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Ademola Adeleke: The man with gavel and red pen



By Seyi Adeniyi

In 2017, when Governor Ademola was at the Senate, as Senator representing Osun West Senatorial District, I had the privilege of having a round table discussion with him, alongside some other senior colleagues in the media. Despite being a first timer at the Senate, one could see that he really had a grasp of the workings of the National Assembly.

We planned to spend just an hour with him, based on the itinerary sent to us, lo and behold, we ended up spending four hours with him, and at the end, he personally served us with good delicacies. What a humble man!

One of the things I have discovered about Governor Ademola Adeleke in the last one year as his Media Aide is that he detests lies and eye service. He is someone who doesn’t allow the euphoria of his office to get him carried away from doing what is right.

He told his Commissioners and Special Advisers during the retreat that “Whenever you are bringing a file to me for my assent, make sure it is a developmental project which will have direct impacts on the life of ordinary citizens in the State.”

He has said it at many fora that “When it is time to play, we will play, but when it is time to get to work, we must.” Ademola Adeleke is a Governor who has raised the tempo of governance in Osun. What some past leaders in the State proclaimed as impossibility, Adeleke “The great dancer” is making all possible – in terms of delivering on his promises.

Operating an open door policy, Osun people are aware of what the government is doing, unlike what played out when APC government was here. They ran an administration of secrecy, putting Osun residents in total blackout.

Adeleke has promised that the he will only hit the gavel for the good of the people of Osun State, ditto the red pen will only sign documents that will move Osun State forward.

Let me go Biblical, Proverbs 29:2 says, When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. This bible verse refers to what is happening in Osun today.

Governor Adeleke administers the state with the fear of God, hence people keep supporting his administration despite the propaganda and lies being spread around by the opposition APC in the state. People have now become more versed with what is going on in the government, unlike before when the APC governed like an emperor who doesn’t give a hoot about what people say or about their feelings.

All the projects and programmes embarked upon by this administration have so far been accepted by the people of Osun. Just few weeks ago, Mr Governor approved a whooping sum of One Billion Naira (N1 billion) to Cooperative Societies in Osun as a revolving loan. This is unprecedented! No doubt, locals will enjoy this gesture and it will certainly have direct impact on their businesses. Perhaps, this and many other giant strides of this administration informed the decision of Osun workers, pensioners and cooperators to give awards of different categories to the performing Governor.

Just few days ago, the announcement came as a surprise even to me, who is on the corridor of power, that Governor Adeleke has graciously approved another whooping sum of One Billion Naira (N1 Billion) to resuscitate the already moribund Ora-Igbomina water works.

Immediately I got the information, i informed my Kabiyesi, Oba Samuel Idowu Oladoye, the Akesin of Ora-Igbomina land, he was so elated and directed his media office to put up an appreciation note to His Excellency for remembering his subjects in his government. This is a government that prioritises people’s welfare.

Yesterday, I went home for a meeting, I couldn’t imagine the kind of prayers my people offer this administration. When you attend to people’s needs, they reciprocate when you need them.

The gavel and red pen in the hand of Governor Ademola Adeleke have served the people of Osun tremendously and they (Osun residents) are in love with the Governor, no doubt.

Yes, Osun APC as an opposition will have to talk, but I will implore them to be sensitive to what people say about this government. Playing opposition with a government that serves the interest of the people will continue to spell doom for them, because most of the problems that bedevils Osun State today came through them.

If Osun APC members have shame, they should cover their faces, and be asking for forgiveness on a daily basis.

Oluwaseyi Adeniyi,
Media Aide To Governor Ademola Adeleke and an indigen of Ora-Igbomina in Ifedayo local government.

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